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TablePlus 3.12.10 Build 152

TablePlus  is a powerful database management solution application that allows developers to simultaneously manage SQL and NoSQL databases. It supports most of the popular databases like Postgres, MySQL, amazon Redshift, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, mongoDB and many more. The program enables easy and time-consuming Database Management, construction, simple design and powerful features, making database management easier, faster, secure and efficient. more fruit.


TablePlus  supports native databases, can be run quickly and securely, and allows editing of rows of data, table structure, or query results. It is also equipped with a variety of database protection and security features, including libssh and TLS encryption.
You can quickly get a snapshot of your database, control what you’ve changed on your database, troubleshoot problems, and more.

Main features of TablePlus:

  • Original building database management solution
  • Convenient query editor and editing of data rows
  • Multiple tabs, multi-window views & Code Review
  • Cannot track changes made in database
  • Simultaneous connection with multiple databases
  • Database queries, editing, and saving are quick and easy
  • Multiple security features to protect database
  • Native Libssh and TLS to encrypt the connection
  • Supports SQL and NoSQL database management
  • And more.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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