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Tecplot 360 EX 2020 R2 v2020.2.0.110596 (x64)

Tecplot 360 EX Software engineering:

Tecplot is a software engineering with functionality XY, 2D and 3D extended. The program is designed to measure the performance data, construction of test data, mathematical analysis, and engineering construction in general. Users Tecplot is able to use many open source libraries available. Carry out any development project or scientific, use this software for drawing and visualization, it will help presenting your work under the most favorable light. And if you are thinking about presenting your data in a new way, better, Tecplot gives you full control over the parameters of 2D and 3D drawings.


Tecplot 360 EX – software engineering measurement data

Load your data with support for 27 CFD, FEA, structural analysis, and the data format the industry standard. Environments unique frame with multiple pages for reporting and comparing solutions. Understand the plots XY, Polar, 2D and 3D with the ability to link unique. Animate and step through the solution transient with the controls of the video player such as forward, backward, loop, bounce and throttle control. Explore with the cutting tool, interactive surface and the surface. Automatically extract the features of traffic, such as core vortex, the surface shock.

Assess the quality of your mesh with 28 functional quality mesh covering the frame rate, Y +, deviation, calculate the orthogonal and the elements lasted. Authentication output calculated with the test data in an environment where single plot. Estimate the order of accuracy of the numerical solution with analytical extrapolation Richardson. Interactively explore and sweep through the flow field to check that the feature streams are lined with mesh no. Compare multiple models including visualization, interactive fluid-structure (FSI).

Immediately apply the properties and layout of a plot for a data set other than the file layout and type. Leveraging more than 180 macro function to automate the task analysis and diagrams general. Creating the macro based on text readable by humans by recording the action on the screen.


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