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Text Speaker 3.31

Overview of Text Speaker software Read text by voice:

Text Speaker is a professional and high quality software designed to convert words into sounds with natural voice. Text Speaker lets you listen to text documents instead of having to read them yourself. Text Speaker will be great for those who want to learn foreign language pronunciation.


Or with Text Speaker you can turn your document into MP3 file for Apple iPod or other audio player. There are many ways that Text Loa can help. Listen to email and memos, narrate your instructions and marketing videos, or create voice menu reminders for your phone’s messaging system.

Main Features of Text Speaker

  • Convert text to speech
  • High quality voices
  • Word processing features
  • Converts text into audio
  • Advanced features
  • Includes French, German, Spanish, Polish and Romanian

Word processing features

  • Open and read Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX files), RTF, PDF, HTML and TXT
  • Modify your text with built-in word processing features
  • Place bookmarks in your document for easy reference

Converts text into audio

  • Convert text documents to MP3 or WAV files for listening anywhere
  • Create multiple audio files at once with batch file conversion
  • Prepare learning aids with audio outlines and listening to key points

Advanced features

  • Adjust reading speed, intensity and volume for a smooth listening experience
  • Add background music when converting documents into audio files
  • Set alarms with reminders to notify important events.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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