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Ultimate Retouch Panel 3.7.72

Overview of Ultimate Retouch Panel Software Editing Panel for Adobe Photoshop:

Ultimate Retouch Panel is a support tool for Adobe Photoshop that helps professionals edit photos quickly and conveniently. Ultimate Retouch Panel contains over 15 different types of quick and manual editing and 200 other functions for Photoshop CC – CC 2019.


Ultimate Retouch Panel – Photo editing panel for Adobe Photoshop

Ultimate Retouch Panel Features

  • CC Photoshop – CC2019 Support
  • 200 functions in one panel
  • 7 unique blocks for remodeling
  • 20 customizable buttons for your personal actions
  • 8 and 16 bit Frequency Separation
  • Instantly increase converted image texture
  • Fast retouch by 4 methods
  • Color calibration block with 65 presets
  • 4 Dodge & Burn Methods
  • 3 help classes to catch flaws and irregularities
  • Dual vision to easily manage Dodge & Burn
  • Work with RGB channels and masks
  • Sharpness transcends local and global
  • Dynamic opacity and vignette
  • Multi-tone effect

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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