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Overview of Wing IDE Pro software Programming in Python language:

Wing IDE Pro is an integrated development environment for creating applications in the Python language. Wing IDE Pro provides a professional code editor in which you can use micro and emacs shortcuts, code autocompletion, refactoring, call tracking, contextual reminders. A graphical debugger for local and remote debugging, an interface for version control, a unit test system, a flexible search engine are available.


Wing IDE Pro – Programming in Python language

Features of Wing IDE Pro

  • Type less and let Wing worry about details. Get instant feedback by writing your Python code interactively in live run time. Easy to navigate code and documents.
  • Avoid common bugs and spot problems early with the help of Wing’s deep Python code analysis. Keep code clean with intelligent refactoring and code quality checks.
  • Debug any Python code. Check debug data and try to fix error interactively without restarting your application. Work locally or on a remote host, VM or container.
  • Wing Editor speeds up Python development to interact with documents and auto-complete according to context, inline error detection and code quality analysis, PEP 8 execution, call assist, automation edit, refactor, fold, multi-select, custom snippet and more Wing can emulate micro, emacs, Eclipse, Visual Studio, XCode and MATLAB.
  • Wing Debugger makes it easy to debug and interactively write new Python code. Use conditional stops to isolate an issue, then step through the code, inspect the data, try out debugging with the Debug Console command line, view the values, and recursive debugging. You can debug multi-process and multithreaded code that is launched from the IDE, hosted in a web framework, invoked from an embedded Python instance, or run on a remote host, VM, or container. Wing also provides an array and data framework viewer for data analysis and science tasks.
  • Wing makes it easy to access code with goto definition, find use, find icon in project, editor icon index, module and class browser, keyboard-based search and multi-file search strong. Access history is automatically stored, so you can immediately go back to previously visited code. Or define and browse classified bookmarks that automatically track upon code changes.
  • Support test-based development with smallest test frameworks, doctest, fore, pytest and Django. No testing is easy to diagnose and fix with Wing’s powerful debugger, and you can write new code interactively in the live run-time context set up by a unit test.
  • Wing’s Rapidly Configured Remote Development Support provides all Wing features seamlessly and securely for Python code running on remote servers, VMs, or containers. Can be developed remotely for storage running OS X and Linux, including Raspberry Pi, WSL, and Vagrant containers.
  • Offers hundreds of configuration options that affect editor emulation, display themes, syntax highlighting, UI layout and more. Easily switch to and from dark mode, zoom in on the interface for presentations and meetings, and use perspectives to manage task-specific UI configurations. New IDE features can be added by writing Python code that calls the Wing scripting API. You can even develop and debug your extension scripts with Wing.
  • Wing supports project management and modification control with Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Bazaar, Subversion, and CVS. Other features include support for virtualenv, a diff / merge tool, indent conversion and OS command line execution. Wing runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux, and supports remote development for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM Linux devices.

Update content Wing IDE Pro

Avoid slowing down and reducing remote development connections, fixing bugs displaying Pandas DataFrame and Series values, making OS commands work on remote servers with Python 3, checking extension modules remoting with non-ascii characters in the interface, adding __init__ arguments to the autocomplete, allowing to ignore exceptions in frozen importlib files, fixing line numbers shown in the pytest exception tracebacks and fixes other minor usability issues.


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