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Xara Designer Pro Plus

Xara Designer Pro Plus software overview Graphic Design and Web applications:

Xara Designer Pro Plus is professional software for graphic design, web design, image editing, illustration and DTP. Xara Designer Pro X Optimized packages for your designs. Xara Designer Pro Plus combines graphics and web design, illustration, photo editing, and desktop publishing – all in one compact workspace.

Powerful drawing tools let you draw lines, shapes and curves using vectors and adjust the proportions without losing quality. Your images look sharp to the smallest detail. This is perfect for when you need graphics in different sizes for different uses!


Intuitively create interesting effects like transparencies, borders, and gradients to give your graphics and illustrations a special touch. Brush art Browse through a wide range of brush art, then draw creative lines and turn each of your images into a work of art.

The software makes it easy to handle multipage publications of different formats. When you need results, fast: The Online Content Catalog includes tons of 100% customizable templates, as well as over 1 million photos and graphics that you can use in your publications.

Features of Xara Designer Pro Plus

  • The world’s most sophisticated, high-performance vector rendering engine.
  • Create effects like transparency, shadow, bevel, or gradient
  • Drag and drop easily
  • Infinite Undo / Redo
  • Zoom to 25,000%
  • Top quality display
  • Solid object editing
  • Remote online editing
  • All the design tools you need
  • Image processing fast, non-destructive
  • Create HTML website
  • Animation effects
  • Explore over 900 SmartShapes, including new, improved panels.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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